Healthy Relationships

Family-Riding-BikesWhat is a Healthy Relationship?

Since people are different, all relationships are different. But everyone deserves to live and love with respect—and without fear.

Individuality and personal growth
You each take responsibility for your own behavior and happiness and support your partner’s interests and growth.

Mutual respect
You can say “no” to or disagree with your partner without feeling guilty or “paying for it.” You can each accept the others’ mistakes and learn from them. You feel understood and appreciated.

You can enjoy life together when things are going well and depend on and help each other when they’re not. You can ask for, expect, and offer forgiveness.

You feel trusted and have no reason not to trust your partner. You feel safe and comfortable with your partner. You’re able to “be yourself.”

Good communication
You listen to each other and feel you are heard. You make decisions together. You can express your needs and feelings openly. You face conflict directly and resolve conflicts with care for each other.

Individual identities
You feel self-confident and foster self-confidence in your partner. You encourage each other to learn and explore new interests. You enjoy doing things separately as well as together. You have a balance of giving and receiving.

If you’d like to talk about your relationship, about your fears or about your hopes and dreams for a healthy partnership, please call our confidential helpline at 1.800.863.9909.

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