Prevention Programs

School-Based Programs

School should be a safe place. But, if you’re a student who’s being abused by a partner who also attends your school, safety is no longer a given. In fact, school has probably become a pretty scary place.

Dating abuse is a widespread problem, and our School-Based Programs bring together parents, students, teachers, and administrators to help combat it and prevent it. Then we work to foster a coordinated response to abuse within the school community.

Our school-based programming includes:

  • Training teachers, administrators, and staff.
  • Engaging parents so they become part of the school community’s response.
  • Educating students and youth.
  • Sponsoring events to raise awareness about teen dating abuse.
  • Incorporating messages about abuse and healthy relationships in the classroom.
  • Making appropriate referrals for support and assistance.
  • Helping to develop teen dating abuse policies.

We offer presentations in middle and high schools throughout Penobscot and Piscataquis Counties. Our goal is to integrate information about domestic and dating abuse and healthy relationships into students’ educational experience. Our presentations can be customized for any school or situation.

Presentation topics include:

  • Characteristics of unhealthy vs. healthy relationships.
  • How to identify the warning signs of abuse.
  • How to help a friend who is in an unhealthy relationship.
  • How gender roles in our society contribute to abuse.
  • Respectful and appropriate ways to communicate with friends and family.
  • Who to talk to when something significant happens.
  • Information about Partners for Peace services.

We know that many students have been or are affected by domestic and dating abuse, so we try to make a connection with students so they are comfortable enough to reach out to us. Our school-based advocates can visit schools to meet with students and teachers at their request. We encourage parents, teachers, and administrators who want help and support—or to learn more about how to help others—to contact us. If you’d like to schedule a program or speaker at your school please contact us.

Over the years, the impact of the presentation by [Partners for Peace] in my classroom has always produced positive results. It leaves my students with a heightened awareness of a social problem that needs to be addressed again and again.

Andy Frace, Sociology Teacher, Hampden Academy

I recognized some areas of my relationship with my girlfriend that I could improve on to create a healthier relationship.

9th Grade Student, Lee Academy

Youth-Focused Programs

Working with individuals, organizations, and service providers in our communities that are invested in helping youth is essential to achieving our mission—to create long-term social change. We provide youth-focused information, support, and training to young people and the adults who care about them in these settings.

Our youth-focused programming includes:

  • Healthy relationship education.
  • Outreach and advocacy.
  • Helping youth develop the skills to create and maintain positive and respectful relationships.
  • Information about abuse and the ways Partners for Peace can help.
  • Training and consultation for people who work with youth.
  • Awareness-raising events, such as The Clothesline Project and our Knowledge Empowers Campaign.
  • Participation in teen dating violence awareness and prevention activities.

We offer youth-focused programming at Penobscot Job Corps Academy, The Shaw House, Good Samaritan Agency, and at other facilities throughout our area.

And we’re always available to provide support, information, and safety planning to youth who have experienced or are experiencing abuse. We are also available to talk to friends, family members, and service providers who want to help someone they know.

Need help or wondering how you can help? Call our confidential helpline at 1.800.863.9909.