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Domestic abuse impacts all sectors of society—work places, health care and child care facilities, civil and criminal justice systems, faith communities, neighborhoods, and of course, individuals and families.

We can all do something to help people affected by abuse, and we can prevent it from happening. If you’d like to get involved but aren’t sure how, we can help.

We offer customized training in many shapes and sizes—from lunch & learns to 30-hour training programs to organization-wide policy and practice development services to workshops and help actually implementing plans.

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Topics covered in our domestic abuse training are:

  • What does domestic abuse look like? The dynamics of abuse.
  • Why don’t abuse victims get help or just leave the situation? The challenges faced by victims of abuse seeking services and safety.
  • How can I help them assess the problem? Naming abuse and striving for safety—your role in a victim’s complex process.
  • How do I talk to someone I’m worried about, and how can I help? Approaches to recognizing domestic abuse and reaching out to possible victims, maintaining confidentiality, providing appropriate support and referrals—and allowing the person you care about to make their own decisions.
  • What is the bigger picture and how do I fit in? Your business, organization, or professional practice and how it can connect with other community-based efforts to assist victims, hold perpetrators accountable, work to make changes in cultural beliefs, and support practices that prevent domestic abuse and violence.

Please call us at 207.945.5102 if you would like to discuss more about presentations and trainings we offer.

Are you concerned about a friend, client, employee, or coworker? Call our confidential helpline at 1.800.863.9909.

Here’s what training participants had to say:

  • I really liked the interactive exercises.  They helped me understand in ways I had never been able to in previous trainings on this topic.
  • I have been there.  I don’t tell people about my experience very often, but the trainer was right on.  It felt good to know that my colleagues were hearing what she had to say.  I felt validated.
  • Everyone in my practice should experience this training.

Partners for Peace trainers, materials, and consultation services have played a significant role in many statewide and national training initiatives, including:

  • Maine Employers Against Domestic Violence
  • Safe Families Partnership
  • Caring for the Abuse Affected Child, a Cross Disciplinary training adapted for clergy and others
  • Bangor Theological Seminary’s biannual course on domestic abuse
  • The Victim Assistance Academy
  • Addverb Productions’ You The Man and A Major Medical Breakthrough
  • Cut Out DV, the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence’s salon professionals training project

Partners for Peace has provided well-received training about domestic abuse to law enforcement and health care personnel, state employees, educators, social service personnel, students, and many others.