Father-DaughterVolunteers are a very important part of our program. We couldn’t do all we do without you! If you’re willing to give us your time and talents, please sign up or check out the volunteer opportunities below.

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Helpline Worker

As a helpline worker, you’ll provide our core service—answering calls that come in to our 24-hour crisis helpline. No matter when someone calls, a helpline worker is there, ready to listen and to offer support and information about domestic abuse, safety planning, and our other services. Although it’s not easy, answering the helpline is one of the most rewarding jobs at Partners for Peace. You are the first contact someone affected by abuse has with our organization and often the first voice someone hears as they reach out for help. To provide helpline workers with the support, information, and practice they need, we require you to complete a mandatory training. This is a time commitment of about 44 hours over eight weeks.

Kid Worker

Kid workers provide supportive, age-appropriate activities for children whose parents and guardians use our services. During the week, we run various kids’ groups. These include a homework support group and a preschool group for children in our transitional housing program as well as a children’s group that meets while parents and guardians attend their own weekly support group. Kid workers supervise and play with the children while also mentoring kids who are going through a hard time and who need positive role models. Training is held on an as-needed basis.

Steering Committee Member

We are always looking for people to serve on our Steering Committee. This committee acts as our organizational board, making decisions, in conjunction with the staff, about things that have agency-wide impact, such as our annual budget, changes to personnel policies, and the distribution of work among staff positions.

Now-and-Then Volunteer

At various times throughout the year, we need people willing to help with special events or projects, like organizing donations, cleaning the offices, distributing event posters, or moving donations. We also need volunteers willing to attend vigils and other public events to show support for the domestic abuse cause.

Office Volunteer

We are currently looking for volunteers who would like to help out with our office work on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  The amount of time required for this job is negotiable, so please contact us if you are interested.  This would require minimal training as answering our phones and doors would be a primary function of the job.  This volunteer position does require a background check.