Education & Awareness

A vital part of our mission is to create healthy, safe communities where domestic abuse is not tolerated.

That’s why all Partners for Peace services have a common goal: to create awareness and work to prevent future domestic abuse.

Abuse prevention requires social change. Social change starts with young people, so we work with youth to educate and empower them to envision and create a world free of abuse.

Prevention also requires the involvement of entire communities—parents, teachers, law enforcement officials, employers, and faith community leaders—who are committed to learning more about abuse and doing all they can to end it. That’s why we offer programs and training for groups of all interests and ages.

Our prevention and education programming includes:

One of the best ways to prevent domestic abuse is to talk to about what it takes to create and maintain healthy relationships. So, we offer a number of interactive presentations that teach children and youth the skills they need to participate in, and seek out, healthy relationships.

We explore:

  • Healthy relationships. We help students define healthy and unhealthy behaviors and encourage them to examine expectations for their own relationships.
  • Dating abuse. We help youth identify warnings signs and abusive behaviors as well as how to help a friend and access available resources.
  • Personal safety. We encourage youth to identify who they’d reach out to if something was wrong and to help them identify situations where they may need to reach out.
  • Gender roles and stereotypes. We explore the expectations around the gender-specific roles society so often expects within our intimate relationships and the intended and unintended consequences of these roles.
  • Communication skills. We address effective and respectful communication skills and help youth think about how to use these skills in their own relationships.

If you’d like more information check out our Equality Wheel.

If you’d like to schedule a presentation for your class or youth group, please call 207.945.5102 or contact us.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Contact us to find out how you can be a part of preventing domestic and dating abuse or to schedule a Partners for Peace program or speaker at your school, civic group, or religious organization.
  • Want to help right away? Donate to Partners for Peace today.  Your generous gift will help us continue to work to create awareness about the problem of domestic abuse and prevent it in future generations.