Support Groups

Is support group right for you?

Individuals who attend our support and education groups come from all walks and stages of life. Some are in a relationship and just beginning to wonder if what they are experiencing is abuse. Others are struggling with emotional, financial, and legal issues after months or years of abuse or separation from an abusive partner.  A trained Partners for Peace worker facilitates each group, and a children’s activity group meets at the same time.

Support Groups are held once a week and offer a chance to talk, make friends, share experiences, and get encouragement and understanding.

The focus is on what’s going on in your life now. It’s a time to listen, support, share experiences, learn from each other, and help each other gain strength and perspective.

Education Groups run several times a year, and follow a specific curriculum. Topics like The Patterns of Abuse, Anger, Why Does Abuse Happen, Healthy Relationships, Substance Abuse and Domestic Abuse, Parenting Through Domestic Abuse, and Economic Empowerment are explored.

Other subjects can be explored as well, according to the needs of the group. The groups are from four to twelve weeks.

Interested?  Call our helpline at 1.800.863.9909 for more information.

Groups are held regularly at our Bangor and Dover-Foxcroft offices and as requested in Lincoln, Millinocket, Newport, and on Indian Island.

All Partners for Peace groups are free and confidential!

Please note…We know it can be hard to go to a group you haven’t been to before. We will make it as easy for you as we can, and no one will ask you to talk if you’re not ready—you can just listen, if that’s what feels right to you. While it may seem comforting to bring a friend, please don’t.  It can make other group members uncomfortable.

What have participants said about groups?

I love support group. I thought I was the only one this had ever happened to.  -Support Group participant

I feel like a person again, a person with worth.  I never had that when I was isolated. I talk more! My attitude has changed. I feel so much stronger!   –Education Group participant

When I came to this group, I was fearful every waking moment. I’m just now beginning to live.  I’m not going to run and hide.  -Education Group participant

Partners for Peace staff have also held specialized education groups in other settings, such as in Wellspring Women’s House. If you would like to talk about having a domestic abuse group in your facility, give us a call at 207.945.5102.