Don’t Miss “The Unheard Stories of LGBTQ Teens”


If you missed MPBN’s radio special last week, “Out-Takes: The Unheard Stories of LGBTQ Teens,” we highly recommend that you listen to it on their website.  On the show, Maine teens tell their stories about their positive and negative experiences with sharing their identities, including what it is like to be ‘out’ in high school today.

In Maine, 80% of gay and lesbian teens report being verbally harassed, and one-third of transgender teens report being physically assaulted.  Nationally, over 30% of LGBT kids attempt suicide.  As a community, it is our job to stop the harassment, discrimination and abuse that is leveled at LGBT teens, and one important step we can take is to listen to their stories.

Additional resources for schools are available on the Safe Space Radio site.

Listen to the radio special here.