Following in Survivors’ Footsteps


At Partners for Peace we want to follow the lead set by survivors of domestic abuse. We are honored to share and echo the powerful words of Erica Cole posted on her blog one week ago:

Dear Mr. Jennings,
I am writing to you as a former citizen of Portland. I had to move to out of the beautiful city of Portland, where I’ve lived for ten years, to Boston. I moved because a man whom you’ve chosen to do business with assaulted me. My name is Erica Cole, former girlfriend and domestic violence victim of Alex Gray, Owner and President of Waterfront Concerts.
Last month, based on the information in your memo, Portland City Council voted unanimously to resume business with Waterfront Concerts. City Council had previously chosen to not renew their contract two months after Alex’s arrest for domestic violence assault—coincidentally when the story was plastered all over the news.
I appreciate the enthusiasm to continually collect new business, large and small, into our community. My concern is that city council members wholly ignored the fact that Waterfront Concerts President, Owner, and Operator, Alex Gray, pleaded guilty to domestic violence less than six months ago, and is currently living under conditions set forth by the state.

Read her whole letter here.