Help Us Build Tomorrow Today



Dear Friends and Neighbors,

In these uncertain times, as many of us have retreated to our homes as a safe haven, victims and survivors of domestic violence need you now more than ever.  As you know, home is not safe for everyone. Thanks to your generosity, Partners for Peace remains a “constant” in the lives of survivors, when so much is unknown.

Partners for Peace is a 24-hour, dependable resource to more than 1,400 people affected by domestic abuse each year.  In 2019,   advocates spent over 9,000 hours helping survivors find housing, navigate the criminal and civil justice systems, and plan for their safety and that of their children.

Our necessity in the community is clear. And now, so are the steps we need to take to continue our work in the movement to end   domestic violence. We ask you to partner with us and come along on this journey.

We have created a 5 year strategic plan with 5 goals to build our future.  Today, we ask for you to invest in change with a financial contribution to Maine’s 1st domestic violence resource center. Donate securely online today. Thank you for your support!



Amanda S. Cost

Facilitative Director