In Remembrance of Damien Pickel


At Partners for Peace, we are mourning the loss of Milo Police Chief and Town Manager, Damien Pickel. Damien died unexpectedly at the age of 51 on Monday, March 30th. We are sending our deepest condolences to his family and friends.

Damien meant a lot to us at Partners for Peace. He was an incredible advocate for the domestic violence survivors and the families in Milo and surrounding towns. He created an atmosphere where people felt cared about.  From responding to a survivor calling 911 to creating a network of meal sites for kids and families through the summer meal program, Damien just made things happen. 

One day Damien called our office to RSVP for our annual dinner and he spoke to a new staff person. He introduced himself as, “Damien Pickel, Milo Police Chief, Town Manager, and overall whateva you need kinda guy.” This self-description gave us a chuckle and it could not have been more accurate. He was constantly saying to us, “Tell me what you need,” and he delivered time and time again.

Each Tuesday morning, Damien vacated his office to provide confidential space for our Rural Advocate, Cindy, to meet with victims and survivors of domestic violence. He encouraged people to be in contact with Partners for Peace and he encouraged his Town Office staff to do the same.  There have been several times when Damien and Cindy sat together with a victim/survivor to plan for their safety.

There are countless examples of Damien’s kindness and generosity to those in need – who knows how many times he dropped off groceries to families who needed the help? If one of his community members was in need, he found a way to meet it.

We will miss his smile and humor, but we will never forget how much he cared about his community. Rest In Peace, Damien.