Volunteering at Partners for Peace


By Bree Belair, Volunteer Coordinator at Partners for Peace


In 1973, Partners for Peace was built from the ground up by volunteers, and today volunteers continue to provide services that further our mission to end domestic violence. From answering calls on our helpline to providing trauma-informed childcare, to educating our community, volunteers are involved in every aspect of our work at Partners for Peace. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the incredible work of these dedicated individuals.


“It has been a profoundly moving experience to be able to support survivors and their families, as well as the incredible staff at Partners for Peace who devote their careers to ending domestic violence. Every day I’ve spent at Partners for Peace I’ve felt welcomed and supported, and for these reasons, I wholeheartedly recommend Partners for Peace to anyone looking for a meaningful volunteer experience.”

Lily Waddell, Volunteer


The Impact of Volunteering

Last year, we had 69 volunteers donate 2,864 hours of their time allowing us to support 1,515 people affected by domestic abuse. Our volunteers answered helpline calls, helped with shelter upkeep, served on committees, facilitated groups, provided outreach and education, and so much more.  Most importantly, they made a positive difference in the lives of survivors. Check out this video our staff made as a thank you to our volunteers. 


Interested in volunteering? There are many ways to make a difference.


Helpline Advocate

No matter when someone calls, our helpline advocates are ready to listen and provide support and safety planning to anyone calling our 24-hour helpline. Helpline advocates offer a safe space for a survivor’s voice to be heard.  To ensure helpline volunteers have the support and information they need to be successful we provide a 44-hour Comprehensive Advocacy, Intervention, Response and Ethics Training.

“I feel like I have grown immensely in my own understandings of domestic abuse and personal confidence in becoming a helpline worker.”


Children’s Advocate aka “Kid Worker”

If you love working with kids, our “Kid Worker” volunteer position could be perfect for you. Our volunteers provide trauma-informed childcare, plan activities, help with homework, and be a positive role model for kids who need it most. 

“I love working with the kids, seeing their joy, or helping them process difficult situations. I also love being able to help the moms in some way.”


Office Volunteer

Office volunteers are an essential part of keeping our resource centers running. In this role, you can support creating a functional office environment and represent Partners for Peace to members of the community. 


Now-and-Then Volunteers

We often have special projects and events we are looking for help with, and Now-and-Then Volunteers can play a big role in that. You can help distribute outreach materials, participate in events, or help with a project at our resource centers or our shelter.


“[Volunteering at the shelter] was a great experience for [volunteers], but it was a great experience for me and my family as well.”

Shelter Guest

Committee Member

Our Steering Committee is made of volunteers and acts as our governing board. Our members bring their own professional and personal expertise to guide the work of our organization. We also utilize volunteers with specialized expertise on our Development & Public Relations and Finance Committees.



If you want to make a difference in your community and join the movement to end domestic violence, we’d love to hear from you. Fill out our volunteer application here or call 207.945.5102 and ask to speak with Bree for more information.